tips to have a healthy relationship

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How to have a healthy relationship

          Today we are going to discuss a few effective ways to have a healthy relationship. Statistics show that in recent days, the rate of relationship failures has increased. This is due to the reason that most of us don’t know the proper ways of keeping a relationship healthy. The improper ways lead to an unhealthy relationship and hence breakups. So, here we are discussing 10 effective ways to have a healthy relationship so that, your relationship doesn’t fail like other’s relationships. 

1. Keep Promises:

keep promises quotes

             Not keeping promises indirectly affects your relationship. When you promise to do something for your partner and then fail to keep your words, then you are letting your partner down and hurting your relationship. Keeping your promises strengthens the trust and faith that your partner has in you. Not keeping your promises lets your partner think that you don’t care about him/her. It makes them feel unimportant and unloved. Due to the above reasons keeping promises becomes an important factor to have a healthy relationship.

2. Don't Doubt:

doubting partners

           Never ever doubt your partner. Doubting is the most common reason for the failure of most relationships. Don’t snoop in their phones to read their emails, text messages, etc. Snooping is a sign showing you don’t trust your partner. If you are caught snooping in your partner’s phone then he/she might think that you don’t trust him/her. Knowing “the person you love doesn’t trust you” is the most hurting thing in the world. Instead of doubting your partner, if you have any questions in your mind then directly ask them. 

3. Communication:

communication quotes

         Communication is a necessary key to have a healthy relationship. Sometimes in a relationship situation may arise where both of you are upset from each other. In certain situations, instead of doing nothing, you should try to talk to each other. You should share your feelings with each other. Both of you should let each other know when you are upset and why you are upset. Not sharing feelings and doing nothing will make the situation worse.

4. Don't compare Your relationship with others:

Don't compare your relationship with others quotes

           No one’s relationship is perfect. Sometimes, things don’t work as you expect. There may be ups and downs in one’s relationship. Despite all, you should never compare your relationship with others. When you compare your relationship with other’s relationships, your greediness towards your relationship increases and you start expecting more and more in your relationship. When these increasing expectations are not fulfilled, you start hating your own relationship. Hating your relationship is unhealthy for your relationship.

5. Praise and encourage:

          Encouraging and praising each other is a sign of love and care in a relationship. Compliment each other on smaller things as complimenting each other will say your partner that you notice and give importance to every single thing about him/her and vice versa.  This will make your partner feel important and as a result, you will receive importance in return. Moreover, encourage your partner when they lack confidence. This will show your supporting nature towards them, it develops trust and faith. Encouraging and praising each other is a very important way to have a healthy relationship

6. Have an active lifestyle:

Jogging together in a relationship

          Exercise daily together and stay fit together. Indulge in physical exercises together. Exercising together will enhance your quality of time and you also get a chance to spend time together. Push your limits together. Try to run far distances than your regular capability together. Doing these hard things together will strengthen your bond because you both are trying to achieve something different and extraordinary together. Moreover, go for adventurous activities together like bungee jumping, mountain climbing, etc. Attempting thrilling and adventurous things together builds trust, faith, and love which is very much important for a healthy relationship. 

7. Spend quality time:

spend quality time with each other

           You and your partner may get busy in daily life and can not give time to each other. Moreover, you may have a lot of pressure for office work or any other tasks. Despite all your work you should try to give time to your partner. Fix a time aside where you and your partner both can talk and share your feelings with each other. During this time, try avoiding other tasks like office works and other distracting things including your phone and do things that you and your partner like to do. During this time your partner should be your only priority.

8. Don't Argue:

couples arguing

              Generally, when couples or couple partners are upset, they start arguing with each other and raise their voices, yelling at each other. This makes the situation worse. Arguing and yelling at each other is never the solution, instead, discuss the problem with each other in a mild tone. Discussing and talking respectfully in a mild and gentle tone will definitely solve the problem. Yelling and arguing make the situation worse. 

9. Be loyal:

be loyal quotes

            Be loyal and open to each other in every aspect. Don’t hide anything from each other. The more you hide things the more your partner will doubt you. Moreover, If your partner comes o know that you are hiding something from him/her, then this will be very disappointing for him/her and will lead to arguments and trust issues. 

10. Keep the romance alive:

cuddling and having sex

             Whatever be your age, don’t feel shy to love each other. Have romantic talks. Whether your age is 92 or 29, don’t let your romance die because romance and romantic talks have a high potential of strengthening your bond. It’s ok to cuddle and kiss. You shouldn’t feel shy. This develops a stronger bond. Give each other a good night and a good morning kiss. ( Be romantic but know your limits too). Romance is a very important factor to have a healthy relationship

These were the 10 most effective ways to have a healthy relationship. Click the bell icon in the right bottom corner to subscribe to our website(it’s completely free). Put your questions in a comment. I will definitely answer them.


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