Attract women,14 ways to get irresistible to women

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                          Every man wants to be a chick magnet. They always want that women should like them. Getting irresistible to women is not tough like rocket science. You might also be thinking to get irresistible to women but fails to. Don’t worry guys, today we are going to discuss 14 magical ways to get irresistible to women. 

1. Be a confident man:

self confidence quotes


                  Every woman wants a man who is confident enough to make the first move. Moreover, every girl wants a confident man in her life who can talk confidently with her father and her brother about their relationship. 

                   Be a man who is always confident. Don’t get afraid of putting your own opinion and personal views. Don’t hesitate while speaking. If you are right then you will always be supported, so, never get afraid of putting your views. Confident men are always irresistible to women. 

2. Look and behave a little matured: 

dapper men with black sunglasses

                         For making yourself irresistible to women your outfit plays a vital role. Moreover, they don’t like guys with a childish mindset. 

                          So, the easiest way to look matured is to bring maturity in your outfit. Dress in a matured and in a classy manner, avoid childish stuff like colourful or striped tees, printed pants, embroidered jeans, etc. Instead, use monochromatic tees, plain jeans, etc. Wear glasses with a nice frame. Also, include black in your outfit because the black colour looks very attractive and works with every skin colour. 

                               Don’t always talk about rubbish things. Always talk about interesting things. 

3. Be a smart guy:

interesting conversation

                       You should know how to carry a good conversation. Because the better you conversate the stronger is the connection. You should play smartly while carrying a conversation. You have to be a little humorous (don’t crack cringy jokes), be a little gentle (not too much), speak in a matured manner and the most important thing make an eye-contact. You should know how to make a good eye-contact while conversating. Don’t stare constantly. Instead, just look. 

4. Read books and be knowledgable:

reading books gives knowledge

                         Women love knowledgable guys. Now, it doesn’t mean that you should have two to three PhDs. Rather, you should always stay engaged with knowledge providing stuff like read books or audiobooks, newspapers, magazines, etc. Women love a man who is interested in learning. You should keep knowing and learning new things and should keep yourself updated about different kinds of stuff. 

5. Know how to cook a meal: 

men cooking food


                          Women love a man who knows how to cook good food because most women are foody types and hence want a man who can cook well. So, you should know how to cook a good meal for dinner. You should know how to cook both veg and non-veg meals. 

6. Have a good sense of humour: 

have a good sense of humor

                   You should know how to make a woman laugh. The more you make her laugh, the stronger your connection develops and the more is the chances that she will fall for you. Be humorous but don’t be creepy and don’t crack annoying jokes. Now, for being humorous you should not make fun of or bully others as this will leave a bad impact of your’s on others. The best way of being humorous without looking arrogant or harsh is that making fun of yourself. But don’t overdo it as it will make you look submissive and more beta. 

7. Love yourself and take care of yourself: 

grooming and taking care of yourself

                       Love yourself in the sense means that you should give a little time to yourself. You should spend a little time grooming yourself. Take a little time to think about which type of outfit will suit you. You should think about what are the changes that you can make for improvising yourself. You should have a hair care routine and if having a beard then you should have a beard care routine. You should take care of your personal hygienes.

                             If you can’t love yourself then how can you expect others to love you? So, love yourself.

8. Be an ambitious man:

ambitious men quotes

                         Every woman falls for a man who is ambitious. They love a man who has a purpose in life and works to achieve it. No matter how many boyfriends or ex she had in her past or how many boyfriends she is having at present because at the end of the day every girl wants to get settled with a settled man. So, be ambitious and work for your future and work for a better life. Being ambitious is also very much important if you want to get irresistible to women.

9. Be financially independent:

                  Women love financially independent men. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to be a millionaire or a billionaire but it actually means that you should fulfil your basic needs on your own. Don’t cry for small things in front of your dad. If you want something then try to achieve or get it on your own. Have a source of earning so that you can fulfil your basic needs. 

10. Be an adventurous man:

                      You should not be a man who afraid of changes. Because women love those guys who are not afraid of taking risks in their lives. Be a carefree man. You should be a man who loves adventurous things. 

11. Be the best in your own activities:

                       Be the best in whatever you do. Always have a special quality in which you are the best. 

12. Stay surrounded by people:

                      Stay surrounded by other people like it can be your family, your friends or your female friends. And always behave in a friendly manner with others, so that people love to stick around you. And if other people stick around you then the girl looking at you may think that you are a valuable man and you are a quiet friendly man and also if you are friendly and well behaved with others then you will be friendly and well behaved with others too. 

13. Stay physically fit:

good body build men

                       A fit and healthy man is always a fall reason for women. Physical fitness shows all your mental, physical and sexual potential. Moreover, a healthy physique enhances the quality of your life as well as your appearance. And for maintaining your fitness you need to exercise every day. You don’t have to join an expensive gym. Instead, just go for jogging. Do a little cardio exercise and then stretching exercises and that will be enough. It will be better if you go with a callisthenics workout.

14. Have a good cologne:

applying fragrance guide

                       None likes a man with bad body odour. Because if your body stinks then it is the sign that you don’t maintain your personal hygiene and this can be the biggest turnoff for women. And that’s the reason why you need to have a good cologne. You should apply the fragrance in the way as shown in the adjoining figure.

So, these were few ways to get irresistible to women. I hope the article was helpful to you. If so, then don’t forget to share and put your questions in the comment section

                        THANK YOU

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