Basic Grooming Tips For Men

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Basic Grooming Tips For Men:

Here are a few grooming tips for men because our appearance and our image leave an impression on others. Bad appearance leaves a bad impression. In our day to day life, our image and appearance play a vital role. Grooming is very important for enhancing your appearance and attractiveness. Grooming is not just important to gain a positive impression but also respect from people around you. Your first impression, the way you look and the way you carry yourself creates an impact on the people you get along. Moreover, when it comes to males to attract females, grooming plays a vital role. None of the girls like to be with an untidy looking man. Every girl loves to be with a well-groomed man.

                        No one of us is ugly, rather, we are just too lazy to make ourselves stylish. We just need to work a little on our appearance. We just have to give some time for caring ourselves. Because if you don’t care for yourself then how can you expect from others to care for you. 

                         Today we are going to discuss few basic grooming tips for men that most men ignore to follow but are really effective for enhancing your appearance and attractiveness.

1. Have a hair care routine: 

hairstyles for men

                        Whatever is the length of your hair, everyone needs a haircare routine. But a person with long hair should take a little more time to maintain them. Whatever be the length of your hair, have a haircut every three to four weeks. This reduces the chances of split ends and your hair remains healthy and thus, your hair-fall rate is reduced.

man shampooing hairs

                          Shampoo your hair thrice a week. Take a little more time while washing your hair, use your fingertips to clean the scalp while shampooing your hair and massage gently with your fingertips in a circular direction. After shampooing your hairs use light and skin sensitive conditioner. In a span of every three days, give oil massage to your hair. Massage gently using fingertips in a circular direction.

                                Don’t use too many hair products as those harmfull products made from industrial chemicals will harm your scalp. Instead, opt for more herbal and natural procedures and remedies.

2. Have a manscaping routine:

Manscape logo

                                   Manscaping is a very important part of grooming. This is 2k19 and none of the girls of this generation likes a man with bushy hairs all over his body and looks like a grizzly bear. You should know how to maintain your body hair. Because manscaping makes your body look clean and fairer. 



                                     You should trim your chest hairs and hairs on your tummy. You should also trim hairs on your back. It will make your back look clean, smooth and tidy. You should also trim your armpits because untrimmed armpits hold sweats and dirt on the skin which leads to a stinking armpit. A man should maintain his pubic hair too. Because our pubic region is one of the most sweating areas and hence there is a need to keep this region clean. Moreover, Bushy pubic hairs can make your “trouser snake” appear small and this can be the biggest turnoff for your women on bed. 

                                        If you are not a bodybuilder then don’t trim your arm and legs. Because trimming your legs and arms will make you look more feminine.  

3. Wash your face twice a day: 

washing face men


washing face men


               Our face is one of the most exposed areas of our body and is very much engaged with dirt and pollution. And that’s why your face requires a bit more special treatment. Your face should be cleaned every day and should be cleaned properly. You should wash your face twice a day. Once, when you wake up in the morning and then, before going to bed. Because your facial skin is very much exposed throughout the day and receives dirt and impurities from the environment throughout our daily activities

                          Don’t use harsh or strong soaps or face washes for washing your face. Instead, use a mild face wash or face soap for washing your face. You can also use baby soaps as they are very mild to the skin. 

4. Moisturize your skin: 

moisturizing skin

     There is always a necessity of using a moisturizer after washing your face. Because while washing our face, along with dirt and impurities we remove a lot of nutritive components from our skin and we need something to get back those lost components. Applying moisturizers after washing your face nourishes your skin. This also rejuvenates and your skin and you get back those lost nutritive components.

                            Don’t apply and sticky moisturizers on your skin because they will close the pores od your skin and won’t allow it to breathe and hence will lead to pimples and acne.  

5. Have a beard care routine:

shave map

                      Firstly, if you have a patchy beard then always have a clean shave and don’t go for bearded looks. Use the shave map given in the adjoining figure. As patchy beards never look good. If you have a patchy beard and still you are fascinated to keep a beard look then use right beard oil which suits your skin type and grow a fuller beard. And then only go for any beard look.

                          Secondly, if you have a fuller long beard then you should spend some time looking after it. An ungroomed beard makes you look untidy and you look as if a herd of pigs has run through your forest. You should clean your beard thoroughly, comb it and maintain it so that it remains in shape and doesn’t look bushy.

                              In my opinion, I don’t prefer keeping a long beard because a long beard requires a lot of time for its maintenance. Rather, I prefer small stubbles on the cheek which should be shaped regularly. A well-shaped beard defines your face attractivity.

6. Have a nail cutting routine:

                           A man should always look after personal hygiene. Your nails give a clear cut proof about how hygienic you are. Your hands and feet are subconsciously noticed by others. And your long and dirty nails says that you are unhygienic. Moreover, if you have long and dirty nails then your hand and feet will look similar to that of a monkey. 

                              So, use a nail cutter. Cut your nails and clean them every week. Keep a day fixed for cutting your nails. A good and maintained nail is a sign of good personal hygiene. 

7. Maintain your eyebrows and nasal hairs:

maintaining eyebrows and unibrows

                        Like your beard and your hairs, your eyebrows also plays a vital role in making your face attractive. That’s why your eyebrows should be maintained. Now, this doesn’t mean that you start threading or shaving your eyebrows and have thin or sharp-edged eyebrows. You just have to give the required natural look to your eyebrow. 

sharp unibrows anonymous face

                          For doing so the most required tool is tweezers. Grab a tweezer and plug the extra hairs around your eyebrows and don’t forget to pluck out your unibrows. Unibrows are one of the ugliest things on a person’s face. So, plucking out your unibrows is very important. You don’t have to give a sharp, edgy, and artificial-looking shape to your eyebrow because that’s a kind of thing that suits on women. We just need to have a natural look.

                            Don’t forget to trim your nasal hair. Because nasal hair peeping out of your nose looks yukingly nasty.

          Always keep your eyebrows brushed for an attractive looking eye. You can use your fingertips to keep your eyebrows brushed.

                 So, these were basic grooming tips for men which if followed can make a man look highly attractive.

                       THANK YOU  


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