Biggest Turnoffs For Women

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                       Everymen want to be a chick magnet. Every one of us wants to get attention from women. Rather, we all have a crush on someone and want her to like us back. And in a hope to get liked back, we make several attempts. And while doing these attempts we make certain mistakes which can be the biggest turnoffs for women.

                             So, today we are going to discuss a list of certain reasons and factors that can be the biggest turnoffs for women and we men should avoid them. 

1. Bad or dirty shoes:

ways of cleaning shoes


              You might be thinking that no one notices your shoes and it doesn’t matter whether your hoes are clean or dirty. But trust me, everyone subconsciously notices other’s shoes and especially women notice the shoes of a man. And your dirty shoes can leave a very bad impression. So, you should avoid dirty, torn or worn-out shoes. You should always take care of your shoes and keep your shoes clean (click to get shoe cleaning tips). 

2. Bad personal hygiene: 

                     This is the field where most of us fail. Most of us men fail to maintain proper personal hygiene because we men are quite lazy in this aspect. But a woman loves a man who maintains proper personal hygiene. You should bath daily to avoid bad body odor. Brush twice a day to avoid bad breath. Keep your clothes clean. Take care of your nails and keep them clean. Because your bad personal hygiene can be the biggest turnoff for a woman.

(click on the link for hygiene tips 

3. Over insecurity: 

                      Everyone wants a small feeling of insecurity in their relationship. Moreover, a little bit of insecurity is a sign of love. But getting over insecure is never liked by both men and women. Women never fall for a man who always feels insecure and is suspicious. Every woman loves to live a free life. They don’t want over insecure and over-possessive guys in their life. So, you should not be over insecure and suspicious. Neither you should be over-controlling. Just behave normally. Give her every freedom that she wants and don’t be jealous of her male friends. If she is a loyal lady then she will always stay with you. 

4. Being rude or humiliating others: 

boss behaving rude with a clerk


                          We know that women fall for bad boys. But over here, being bad doesn’t mean that you should be rude or humiliating because these are the signs of arrogance. Women hate arrogant guys. Being bad is completely different from being arrogance. You should have an appearance like a bad guy but should behave like a gentleman. And a woman loves a man with a combination of badass look and gentle behavior. For a badass look include black or dark colors in your outfit and moreover, wear monochromatic clothes to look both badass and matured. 

5. Not having a purpose in life: 

                         At the end of the day, every woman wants to get settled in life. And always falls for a man who is well-settled and successful or have the chances of getting settled in life. While choosing a man none of the women thinks emotionally. They are very practical in this case because they also have the tension of their own future. So, you should have a goal and purpose in life that you want to achieve. It can be anything. But just having a goal is not enough, you should work for achieving your goal. You should always work for a better future. You should be a goal-oriented man. 

6. Comparing a girl with other girls: 

                           Suppose, you are with a girl and she is constantly comparing you with her ex, her male best friends or other boys. I know that’s the most hurting and heart cracking thing. As we don’t like to get compared with other boys, in the same way, women also don’t like to get compared with other girls. And when you are comparing your girl with other girls then bro this can be the biggest turnoff for her.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give her time. You should give her time but don’t cause harm to your own carrier. Spend time with her but during the time of your own work, you should focus on your own work.

7. Inability to carry a good conversation: 

carrying interesting conversation

                           Suppose, you are on a date with your girl and you both are seating idol just staring at each other because you both don’t know what to say and there is an awkward silence in the air. This is the most awkward situation on a date and can be the biggest turnoff for both. So, to avoid such situations on your date, you need to learn how to carry a good conversation.

Always keep your topics and questions ready to avoid awkward silence. Ask deep questions about her life because this will show that you are interested in knowing her. Ask her aim of life, her hobbies, what she does in her free time, etc. But don’t throw a bag of these questions at once. When you feel that your conversation is going towards an awkward silence then only ask these questions. Also, give her a few compliments in between your talks.

8. Having untidy kinds of stuff around you: 

                      Women love men who live in a tidy manner. Women love those men who keep the things around them clean. Keeping things around you clean gives a sign that you are a man who loves tidiness and loves to be clean and this is also a sign that you love to be in a hygienic area. So, keep the stuff around you clean. 

9. You staring at other girls:

                           When you are with your girl don’t stare at other girls because this will make your girl think that you are a loose character boy who is interested in each and every girl and is nothing more than a pervert. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t look at other girls. You can but do it smartly. Don’t show your girl that you are looking at other girls. Look through the corners of your eyes. 

10. Being super available for someone: 

                            This is the most common mistake we men do. When we love someone we start giving all our time to her. We become super available for her. We make them our first priority without caring for our own carrier and life. And this can become a reason for turnoffs for women because if you give all your time to someone then she will take you for granted and she will always keep you as her second opinion and the guy who doesn’t give her time will be her first opinion. So, avoid being super available.  

Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give her time. You should give her time but don’t cause harm to your own carrier. Spend time with her but during the time of your own work, you should focus on your own work.

11. Cursing others:

                                  Women love gentle natured men. They want a gentleman with a badass look. But cursing others is a sign of arrogance. And if you constantly keep on cursing others then it shows that you are quite arrogant and an arrogant man is the biggest turnoff for women

12. Suck on your life: 

                                       Sucking on your own life shows that you are not satisfied with your life and the way of your living and this is a sign of an unsuccessful man. But women love a successful man because they want to get settled with a man who can fulfill her and her family’s needs. And if you are constantly sucking on your own life then this means that you are an unsuccessful man and this can turn a woman off. So, instead of sucking on your life try to improve the situations by working hard. 

13. Lack of confidence:

                                Men full of confidence are highly appreciated by society because they are not afraid of expressing their own thoughts and feelings. Moreover, confident men are highly irresistible to women because every woman wants a man who can talk to their family confidently and without hesitating in the future about their relationship. And so girls fall for a confident man. Hence, lack of confidence can be one of the biggest turnoffs for women. 

14. Showing unhygienic behavior in public: 

                                       Showing unhygienic behavior is a sign that you are not a hygienic person. You should avoid unhygienic behavior in public like farting, burping, scratching your armpit, adjusting your dick in public, spitting here and there, etc. because if you are doing so then women around you will definitely consider you as an unhygienic man. And again that can be a turnoff for women. 

15. Acting cheap: 

                                 You should not act cheap. Cheap is not related to being poor. Both of these things are totally different. You need something but can’t afford it because you don’t have sufficient money is called being poor. But if you need something and also, you can afford it but still, you don’t buy it then, it is called being cheap. Moreover, irritating someone or hurting someone to get loved back is also cheap behavior and you should avoid being cheap.

16. Having a bad or too strong scent: 

guide to apply cologne


                                  Most of we men don’t have the proper sense of applying a scent. We either apply a scent with a bad fragrance or we apply too much of scent which leaves a very bad impression on others. So, you should be very careful while choosing your fragrance. Don’t choose a very strong scent. Choose something that smells quite natural. And don’t apply too much fragrance. Only a few sprays on your shoulders wrist and neck are enough. 

17. Bad body odor: 

                                    If you are a stinking heck then there are 100% chances that you don’t bathe regularly and you are unhygienic. It is a sign that you don’t keep yourself clean. And as we have discussed before, an unhygienic man is the biggest turnoff for a woman. So, bathe regularly and keep your body clean. 

18. Taking too much care of yourself: 

                                          You should take care of yourself but you should not overdo it. Your style should look effortless. Put effort but don’t let her know that you are putting the effort into caring for yourself. Moreover, you should not take more time than her to get ready.

19. Ungroomed Men: 

                                           Women love an ungroomed man. They love neat and tidy boys and if you are ungroomed then you look untidy and dirty. And that can be a turnoff for women. So, always groom yourself. Have a haircut every three to four weeks. Check ( ) for grooming tips. 

20. Not giving attention to her talks: 

                                 Every female loves attention. And loves to be the center of talks. So, give her the attention that she wants. Don’t ignore her talks. Listen to her so that you can reply to her accordingly because a good listener is always a good speaker.

                        These were Biggest Turnoffs for Women. I hope you guys liked my tips. Don’t forget to put your questions in the comment section.


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