How To Be A Confident Person

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How To Be A Confident Person:

In every aspect of life, you require confidence. Whether you are going for an interview, you are approaching your crush, delivering any speech, etc. And that’s why every one of us wants to be a confident person in life.

You can’t gain confidence in one day. It requires a lot of things to increase your confidence. So, few things are given below that you can work upon to gain confidence.

1. Work on Yourself:

Ashley Graham & Justin Ervin have good appearance

Your appearance has a high potential of boosting your confidence. You won’t believe, but the good you look, the more others value you, and the more others value you, the more confidence you gain. Researches said that people appreciate a well-dressed and well-groomed person more than a plain dressed and ungroomed person. So, you should invest in yourself. You should take care of your hygiene, have a grooming routine, and adapt good grooming habits, have a hair care routine, dress sharp, etc. Moreover, You should wear those types of dresses which make you feel important. You should have a good appearance and avoid silly style mistakes because having a  good appearance will help you to be a confident person.

2. Avoid negative people:

avoid negative people quotes

If you want to be a confident person, then you have to avoid negative people. Don’t be with those that lower your self-esteem. If you stay with negative people, then you will also develop a negative mindset. The negative people purposely lower your self-esteem so that you lack self-confidence and can’t achieve your goal. Thus, if you don’t have friends that increase your confidence, then stay alone, but don’t stay with those who lower your self-confidence. You can’t change their mindset, but you can replace them with someone positive.

3. Don’t care about society’s thinking:

stay away from negative people

Before doing anything, if you think that”what others will say? ” then you can never be confident, and like others, you won’t be able to do anything extraordinary in life. If you are caring about society, then you can never take any step towards your goals. You should stop thinking about society. You can’t please everyone. This is your life, and you know it better than the others. You know what is right for you. So, don’t allow others to take your life’s decisions and start making your own decisions. The moment you make your own decisions, you take the first step towards your goal, and this first step will lit a spark of confidence in you.

4. Be positive:

stay positive

Positivity is a crucial feature for many things, and confidence is one of them. Positivity and motivation is the key feature for success and success give a high level of self-confidence. So, surround yourself with positive and motivational things. Always believe in yourself and think positive. Always say, “I can.” Never say, “I can’t” without trying.

If you act positive, then others will automatically perceive you as a confident person. This is due to the reason that they will assume that you are comfortable with your life and take care of yourself. You will appear as a person who is satisfied with what he has, and people love to stay with this type of person.

5. Body language:

different postures

When it comes to confidence, our body language and postures play a vital role. For appearing as a confident person, you should maintain a good posture and proper body language. Whenever you are standing or walking, keep your head up, look straight and square up your shoulders, pushing your chest out. Always keep your back straight and never slouch forward. Slouching forward makes you appear lazy and weak, and you are perceived as a less confident person.

To be a confident person, you should always have a good posture and proper body language. Whenever you meet someone, you should make a firm handshake. And while you are talking to someone, keep your body and arms open facing towards the person. Always have a friendly smile on your face. Don’t cross your arms or don’t put your hand in the pocket; instead, expose them. Exposed hands are a sign that you are not hiding anything. 

making eyecontact

Moreover, practice the habit of making an eye-contact. Don’t have a super heavy eye-contact but try to switch off by looking at one eye and the other and then the mouth. Use the triangle law and make a switch between the eyes and mouth to avoid an awkward staring.

6. Don’t compare yourself with others:

Don't compare yourself with others

Now, you need to stop this habit. This prevents most people from gaining confidence. If you are continually comparing yourself with others and filling up negative things in your brain and lowering your self-confidence, then you can’t ever be a confident person. By comparing yourself with others, you are criticizing yourself. And these things have the same impact on your mind as that put by negative people in your life. Hence, it becomes necessary for you to avoid comparing yourself with others. Believe in yourself. Believe that you are the best and don’t need any comparison.

7. Talk to strangers:

don't talk to strangers

For gaining confidence, you need to start engaging with strangers. We generally, don’t feel like talking to strangers. As a result, when there is a necessity for talking to strangers we can’t gain the required confidence. Hence, to develop the required confidence at that particular moment, you should keep a practice of talking to strangers. Strangers are those people with whom you generally don’t talk. This can be anyone like your hot co-worker, your crush, cruel shopkeeper of your locality, any new person, etc. If you have the confidence of talking to a stranger then trust me, you can talk to anyone. This is due to the reason that if anyone is stranger to you then it means that you don’t know him or her personally and thus, you don’t have any idea that how he or she will react to your words. And this is the main reason why most of us can’t talk to any stranger and this barrier is broken by practice. So, start engaging with people to be a highly confident person.

8. Try Hard things:

do hard things first quotes

Make a list of goals and works and try to do the hardest thing first. Most of us avoid doing hard tasks but instead of avoiding them try to do them first. This is due to the reason that hard tasks need more hard work and more concentration and as we accomplish hard things one by one we gain confidence. And this confidence helps us to accomplish other tasks faster.

9. Exercise Daily:

exercise to boost confidence

Practicing physical exercises or indulging yourself in physical activities can also boost your confidence level. Physical exercises help you to remain in good shape and good shape means a good appearance and people value a good appearance and due to which your self-confidence increases.

Moreover, there is a hormone named testosterone, present in both men and women which is responsible for confidence. In men, the mean testosterone level is around 630 ng/DL and in women, it is around 43 ng/DL. The physical exercises boost up the testosterone level in a human body and hence, lead to an increase in confidence level.

10. Be Grateful:

be grateful

The quality of being thankful and readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness is called gratitude. Be a little kind and humble to others. Learn to say “thanks” and sorry. Along with making your own development, help others also in their development. Learn to respect others. Follow the principle of “give respect and take respect” because when you will respect others then only you will get respect from others. Treat others with the same respect which you get from them. ( Click here to learn ways to command respect). And when others will respect and value you then you will definitely start feeling confident.



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