Quit these habits as new year resolution

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Quit These Habits As New Year Resolution, 2020:

                There are a few habits which are destroying the life of most men. Some of them are common in many men. In this article we are going to discuss a list of habits that most men have. And there’s a need to quit these habits this new year, 2020 as a resolution

1. Using too much of social media:

              If you use too much social media and most of your time passes in scrolling news feeds and chatting with friends then you are on the path of self-destruction because you are wasting most of your time in those things which is never going to benefit in your progress. So, instead of always remaining active on social media, try to read or watch something which is beneficial for you. Instead of scrolling news feeds, read e-books about the topics you are interested in. Researches says that those who use phone for more then an average of 3 hours daily tends to develop a slower thinking capacity and reflex than the one who doesn’t. So, this new year you should quit these habits as a resolution.

phone with social media icons

2. Over procastination:

              Procastination means keeping your work for doing later. And many of us have this habit. We generally keep our important work later times and instead choose for wasting time in watching T.V or using phone or spending time with friends. If you are the one who always leave their work for later times then by the end of the day you will have a bunch of work to complete at the same time. This becomes a burden for you. According to a survey of college students, the one who always procastinated got lower CGPA in semester exams than the one who doesn’t. So, instead procastinating, have a concrete mindset for your routine and complete your work at the same time. 

sleeping at computer on a desk

3. Excessive Fapping:

            Porn and masturbation have destroyed the life of a lot of youngsters. It is addictive that if you do it for the first time you get addicted to it. Porn and masturbation have a lot of hazardous effects on the human body. Though there is a lot of researches saying that masturbation is beneficial for our body to some extent. But overdoing anything is never beneficial. Masturbation makes you weak as it drives out calcium and protein through the body. It also affects your brain leading to nervousness and neurological problems. It also leads to depression. In many men, excessive masturbation over time may lead to erectile dysfunction. So, you should not ejaculate daily. Ejaculating once in a week or once in two weeks is good. But daily is really hazardous. So, you should quit the habit of watching porn and masturbation as your new year resolution.

                  Quit this habit as your new year resolution by clicking on the link https://fashionstylor.com/how-to-stop-masturbating-steps-and-things-to-follow-and-avoid/.

4. Smoking and drinking:

              Habit of smoking can cause fatal diseases such as pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer. According to a research, smoking causes 84%of deaths from lung cancer and 83% of the deaths due to COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases).

smoking cigarrete

                Moving on to consumption of alcohol. Consumption of leads liver diseases and cancer. In addition, it also leads to central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Smoking and drinking decreases the number of sperm count in  a man’s body.

5. Spending recklessly:

            If you are one of them who spends money uselessly without any reason. Then my friend you are on the path of disgrace. Many men think that by spending recklessly or doing show off they are going to attract women. But actually most women doesn’t care about your money. However, a few of them love your money and we call them gold diggers but 99% of the women doesn’t care about your money. Instead, they do notice is how intelligently you manage your credit score and how intelligently you invest your money. So, instead of spending recklessly on unnecessary things, try to save money for a better use in future. Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spend a little penny on your girl. Spend but cleverly. Not too much, not too little.  

spending money recklessly

                Quit this habit as your new year resolution by clicking on the link https://www.lifehack.org/articles/money/ditch-the-excuses-15-tips-quit-spending-your-money.html.


6.Late night screen usage:

             This means sitting in front of PC or TV or using phone for late at night. You should quit this habit as a new year resolution. Because when you are using phone or PC or any type of screen late at night, then the harmful blue rays emitted from screens of these devices affects your sleep. Even at night, the harmful blue rays provides an assumption to your brain that it’s still morning which hampers your sleep. So, either use screens by putting the device in night mode or turnoff all the screens 30 to 45 minutes before going to bed. 

bald guy using phone in bed late at night

7. Over Consumption of caffeine:

             Consumption of caffeine is good as it help us to get rid from tiredness and drowsiness. But, over consumption of caffeine also hampers your sleep. So, you should not consume any source of caffeine after 4p.m.

                 These were a list of 7 daily habits which are ruining most men’s life and you should quit these habits as your new year resolution

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