Right Way TO Approach A Girl

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                                 Gentlemen, we all have a crush on somebody but we are afraid to talk to the person. Probably most of us don’t know the actual way to approach a girl. Even most of us while approaching their crush starts being creepy and creepy conversation leads to rejections.

Actually, this was quite a serious issue for me too. I have also been rejected many times in my life just because I was too creepy. But I learned from my mistakes. Every rejection taught me something. And I improvised myself after every rejection. And finally, I came to know the right way to approach a girl. Now, I can approach a girl even on a first meet.

                                       I don’t want you to repeat the same mistake that I did in my life. So, here I am with the best step by step ways to approach a girl without being creepy.

Step 1: Be a well-dressed man:-


dress well

     You don’t know where and when you will meet the crush of your life. And your outfit plays a vital role in defining your personality. A bad looking outfit can ruin your first impression. A bad looking outfit in the sense means an untidy looking outfit or childish outfit which will make you look cringy. 

        So, always be well dressed and try to look like a matured man. Wear accessories like glasses, watches, etc. Include monochromatic-colored clothing in your outfit. Wear properly fitted clothes. 

Step 2: Have a sharp eye contact but don’t stare:-

lazer eye contact

         You might have heard that making eye contact plays a vital role and is very effective when we are trying to approach someone. But in an attempt to follow these most men end up staring in a creepy manner. Making eye contact and staring are totally different things. You should look, not stare. Because staring will create a totally different situation and she will start feeling awkward.

              When your crush or the girl with whom you want to talk to is around then don’t constantly stare at her. First of all, be busy with whatever work you are doing. Now, look at her, if she looks back, then maintain eye contact for two seconds and then look away. Again after some time, look at her and now if she looks back then give her a friendly head nod and then again look away. Now for the third time look at her and if she again looks back give her a friendly smile. (DO THIS STEP EXACTLY IN THE SAME MANNER AS EXPLAINED.)

Step 3: Get up and talk to her:-

walk with confidence

          When you finish the previous steps, get into this step. This step needs a lot of confidence. I know walking to your crush for talking to her is one of the hardest things in our life. It took me three years to gain confidence in starting a conversation with my crush. But it was too late. She was been taken by someone else. I don’t want you guys to make the same mistake. So, don’t let the moment slip through your hand. 

confident postures

            Get up and walk to her in a confident manner and introduce yourself by saying”Hey! I am (your name)” and give her a firm handshake(by giving handshake you break the touch barrier). Don’t walk to her in a creepy manner. Keep your back straight, shoulders squared up and chest out.

Step 4: Carry an interesting conversation:-

carrying an interesting conversation

        Once you start the conversation, try to run the conversation in an interesting manner. Don’t ask too deep questions in the first conversation. Ask about her interests, her hobbies, her family, etc. Don’t be shy and sit idle because by doing so you will definitely get her bored. Keep your questions and topics ready. 

Step 5: Don’t be a pervert:-


        During the first conversation, none of the girls likes a man who always feels horny and is always in a mood to spank her ass. Every girl wants a guy who is matured and works according to the condition. They want a man who has better control over himself. Moreover, every girl while talking to a male stranger feels a little insecure about her own pride and respect. so, behave accordingly. 

Step 6: Be humorous:-

Being humurous

              Don’t always be a serious talker. Talk a little about funny things. This will make the conversation flow in a normal manner and she will also find you interesting. but don’t crack cringy jokes. Talk interesting but funny. You can also make fun of your self. But don’t do it too much as because by constantly doing so you may look less matured. you need to look mature as well as a fun-loving guy. Always have a gentle smile on your face while conversating with her. Be humourous but don’t be creepy.

Step 7: Compliment her:-

men complimenting women

             Every girl loves a compliment. So, while talking to her give her a few compliments. But don’t throw a bag of 10 to 20 compliments at once. Too many compliments can also ruin the situation. And don’t compliment her about those activities on which she doesn’t have any control like don’t compliment her smile or her eyes. Rather compliment about her dress, her footwear, her earrings, etc. A girl takes care of her hair very much so if you compliment her about her hairs then you have 99% chances to win the game. So, play smartly while complimenting.

Step 8: Ask for her phone number:-

Ask for phone number

              Now, at the end of the conversation ask her phone number so that you can be in touch with her. But at this point, most girls deny giving her personal phone number to a man on her first meet. So, if she denies then ask for any other way to remain in touch like ask her social media account. There’s a lot of social media platforms on which you can remain in touch with her. Don’t let the chance slip through your hand and immediately ask for any way to remain in touch. 

             At last end the conversation with a handshake and a goodbye. 

Bonus tip: 

              Always be confident, play smartly, and follow these tips to approach a girl without being creepy.

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