10 Simple Ways To Command Respect

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                              Everyone wants to be respected. Everyone wants to get importance. But no one will give you respect on their own or for a grant. You need to earn it. And many of us fail to do so. In whatever field, everybody has a hope of being respected by their colleagues, teammates, acquaintance, friends, juniors, etc. So, here are 10 simple ways to command respect in whatever field or with anyone you are.

1. Have a good appearance: 


Your appearance gives the definition of your personality. Appearance is related to your dressing habits, grooming habits, and your body posture. For commanding respect from others always dress well. Don’t dress in a childish and creepy manner. Always dress sharp. Make sure that you look wise and smart. Groom yourself smartly. Moreover, for a better appearance make sure that you maintain a strong and confident body posture. When you are standing, keep your back straight, square up your shoulders, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and look into the eyes of the person with whom you are speaking. While sitting don’t sit in a shrunk and congested manner. Open up and occupy your space. 

2. Be confident:

                      Confidence is an important aspect of looking wise and wiser people are always respected. So, always be confident about yourself. Always have faith in yourself. Never say “I can’t”. Always say “I can and I will”. This doesn’t mean that you will jump off an airplane without a para suite and say that I can. That’s foolishness. Always speak with confidence and maintain a confident body posture. Make eye contact while speaking. 

3. Don’t over apologize: 

apologising men

                     A real man should know how to apologize. He should know how to convince people. Apologizing for your mistakes is a very good habit. But over apologizing is not good. You should not over apologize as because for getting respected by others you should first learn how to respect yourself. You also have self-respect and by over apologizing you are losing it. Moreover, over apologizing will make you look more weak and submissive in the eyes of others and in the long term, you will be disrespected by others. 

4. Clean up your language: 

Curse words

                           Be a little gentle while speaking. Include words like “please” and “thank you”. Don’t always curse others and don’t always pass slangs to others just to look cool because by doing so you appear ignorant and arrogant and by the time people start disrespecting you. So, show respectful behavior towards others. Bring gentleness in your conversation skills. Don’t always speak negative, bad and harmful words about others.

5. Be a man of your own words:

manly quotes

                              Everyone loves to be with a man who keeps his promises. People love to be with a tongue-tied man. Everyone feels that a tongue-tied man will never deceive them. But no one likes to be around a man who does not keep his words or is careless about his own sayings and words. This is because while being with a faker people have insecurity about getting deceived. So, don’t be a faker. Be a man of your own words. Keep your promises. Never promise such things which you cannot fulfill because by doing so you will automatically become a faker. A man who keeps his promises is always respected by others.

6. Be an independent thinker: 

be an independent thinker


                  A person who thinks without any pressure or burden is an independent thinker. For commanding respect, you have to be an independent thinker. You should not think or take any crucial decision in the pressure of others. Tell others independently about what you really think. Take every decision independently. Because you know your own life much better than others. So, what you think about your life is right and what others think about your life might be wrong. Though you can decisions from others but before implementing them think that whether they be beneficial or not. And if they are beneficial then only implement them. So, if you are not an independent thinker, you will definitely become an unsuccessful man. And no one respects an unsuccessful man.

7. Use motion detect: 

explaining others

                      It is generally a skill of conversation and is highly effective. Conversation helps you to get connected with others. The better you connect the more you get respect. Making eye contact and using hand gestures is the best way to conversate. Use your hand to explain what you say. Express as well as explain others using your hand gestures because by doing so you can draw the attention of others towards you and can connect with others in an effective manner.

                        Whenever anyone ignores, interrupts or doesn’t listen to you while you are speaking, then raise your hand and say “Excuse me! I want to finish my talk. So let me finish”.

8. Respect others:

respect image

                      Now, this doesn’t mean that you should be an “asskisser” and keep on respecting them who are stabbing you every day. You don’t have to respect those who don’t have respect for you. But those who respect you with the same respect and love. Don’t be rude, harsh or abusive to them who care for you. Be gentle and respectful towards them who loves, respects and cares for you. And this is how the “GIVE RESPECT AND GET RESPECT” principle works. This is one of the best ways to command respect.


9. Learn to say “NO”:

say "no" quotes

                       Suppose others are constantly using you for their own purpose without giving you any importance. You are helping them but they are constantly stabbing you. Still, you are cool with it and allowing them to do so because you don’t know how to react. You are in a hope that one day or the other day they will understand that you are a good person by heart and will know your importance. But my friend, this will never ever happen. They will constantly stab you and use you until and unless you are completely ruined. You have to stop them from using you.

                       You should help others. But you should not help others keeping yourself in a loss. You too have your own life to look after. Don’t let others ruin your life. Let them know that you are also important and deserve importance. If there is any loss for you by helping others then simply say “NO” I won’t. Because, if you agree and allow others to constantly stab you then they will take you for grant and you will never be respected by them.

10. Be hearable:

                    Have a strong tone voice. Make yourself hearable by others. When you are talking to someone use his or her name to call him or her. Use hand gestures to explain what you want to say. Make eye-contact. And have a loud and clear voice while speaking.

                        THANK YOU                       

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