Style Mistakes Most Guys Make

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Six Style Mistakes Most Guys Make :

                    How will you feel, if your entire style gets ruined due to just a few style mistakes? That will be an embarrassing moment for you. Trust me, those minimal mistakes have a huge ability to ruin your entire style.

Moreover, Looking stylish and attractive is a very important part of our life. Style plays a vital role in enhancing our personality. Before going for any party, any job interview or for any occasion we make sure that we look perfect as per the requirement of the occasion. For a personality that always commands respect, we should maintain a proper style.

                    But don’t worry, today we are going to discuss six most common style mistakes that most guys make and I don’t want you guys to repeat these following style mistakes.

1. Wearing Printed Colourful Socks With Dress Shoes :

Colourful printed socks




Wearing printed socks with dress shoes is a very common style mistake that most guys make. Dress shoes are meant to look decent and matured and they should be combined with matured looking outfits. But printed socks look childish and cannot give you the required matured look. So combining both of them is never the right option.

Instead of wearing colorful printed socks with dress shoes you should wear single-colored or monochromatic socks. I recommend black monochromatic socks as they look much dressier.

2. Wearing Pant Below The Hips :

wearing pant below hips


Just to follow some kind of trend most guys have started wearing pants below their hips and walk like a clumsy dummy. And they end up ruining their style. Wearing pants below your hip is never going to make you look stylish in any case. 

Gentlemen, your pants are designed to stay on your waist. So wear them where they are supposed to be. Moreover, wearing pants at the right place will give you a stronger, sharp and alfa look.

3. Wearing an Improper Or Wrong Fitted outfit :

Baggy trending clothes


When it comes to the outfit right fit of your clothing matters a lot. I have seen many guys wearing baggy or oversized clothes just to follow some kind of trend and look as if they are drowning in their own cloth. And those outfits put a bad impact on your personality.

For an impressive look, you should make sure that your outfit has the right fit. Find a good tailor as per your convenience and get your clothes to alter as per your fit. Your clothes should not be too tight or too loose, it should just have a perfectly tapered fit so that it defines the shape of your body.

4. Not Wearing A Watch :

This is 2k19 and I have seen many guys still not wearing a watch. They think that a watch is just a tool for watching time and they can use another device for doing so instead of wearing a watch. But gentlemen your watch is not simply just a tool for watching time rather it is much more than that. A nice watch on your wrist enhances your personality 10x times. They give a sharp look to your outfit. Moreover, a watch on your wrist will make others think that you are a man who values time and you will definitely command respect from others.

5. Keeping YOur Dress Shirts Untucked :

untucked and tucked Dress shirts

If a shirt is too long and covers your hip, then it is a dress shirt and should be tucked in. The dress shirts are designed to be tucked in so that it gives you a sharp look. Keeping a dress shirt untucked will make you look like a mess and will give you an untidy look.

So, instead of keeping your dress shirts untucked you should tuck them properly. You must use shirt-stays to keep them tucked in. 

6. Using Studded Belt :

studded belts

Gentleman this is 2k19 and still, some people are using studded belts. These belts are out of fashion and you should avoid them. These belts were in fashion when our dad used to play in his schools but if you still use them then you will end up ruining your style. 

So my recommendation is to use a proper decent belt. You can use a leather belt or a canvas belt whatever you like but never opt for studded belts.


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