Style mistakes to be kicked out in 2020

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Style Mistakes To be Kicked Out In 2020

            As we are going to enter 2020 but there are many men who are still certain style mistakes that are completely ruining their appearance.  Today, I have a list of 9 style mistakes that most guys make but should be kicked out in 2020. 

1. Printed colorful socks with dress shoes:

printed socks with dress shoes
single colored scks dress socks

           This is one of the most common style mistakes and has an intense necessity to be kicked out in 2020. You should avoid printed colorful socks because they look childish. When you combine your bright colorful printed socks with dress shoes your entire appearance looks childish and immature. Instead, wearing brightly colored socks, you should opt for single-colored socks as they look dressier and more matured. 

2. Square toe dress shoes:

Square toe dress shoes

             Square toe dress shoes were in trend in late 90s but in today’s date it is nothing more than a style mistake. These shoes are flat or oblate near the toe region which makes your feet looks like a duck’s feet. So, it quiet clear why these shoes should not be used in 2020. Rather go for those shoes which have a more refined curve near the toe region. 

Refined curve dress shoes

3. Untucked dress shirt:

Untucked dress shirts

               If a shirt is too long and covers your hip, then it is a dress shirt and should be tucked in. The dress shirts are designed to be tucked in so that it gives you a sharp look. Keeping a dress shirt untucked will make you look like a mess and will give you an untidy look. This is also a very common style mistake and should be avoided in 2020.

                So, instead of keeping your dress shirts untucked you should tuck them properly. You must use shirt-stays to keep them tucked in. 

4. Wearing an Improper Or Wrong Fitted outfit:

oversized clothing

     When it comes to the outfit right fit of your clothing matters a lot. I have seen many guys wearing baggy or oversized clothes just to follow some kind of trend and look as if they are drowning in their own cloth. And those outfits put a bad impact on your personality. 

            For an impressive look, you should make sure that your outfit has the right fit. Find a good tailor as per your convenience and get your clothes to alter as per your fit. Your clothes should not be too tight or too loose, it should just have a perfectly tapered fit so that it defines the shape of your body.

5. Large logo tees:

large logo tees

                  Large logos on tees are for the advertisement of brand and company and are a very good way of marketing. Moreover, the large logos on tees looks funky and makes you look immature. You Should avoid these large logo tees. Instead, go for simple and basic tees like plain crew neck tees, polo tees, plain henley tees, etc. 

Basic tees for men

6. Not showing skin:

black shirt buttoned up to neck

               Shirts fully buttoned up to the neck are only accepted when you wear a tie. but shirts fully buttoned up to the neck without a tie is a style mistake and should be avoided in 2020 because by doing so you appear less masculine. You should show little bit of your chest by unbottoning one or two buttons from top. Moreover, roll up your sleeves to show your forearms. Forearms are one of the most attractive parts of a man’s body. But don’t show too much of skin unbuttoning one or two button from top is good but anything more than that will make you look creepy.

shirts outfit for men

7. Wearing Flip flops:

maroon fip flops

                 Flip flops are used by almost everyone of us but due to a few scientific reasons flip flops are considered as a style mistake. The reasons are, the flip flops remain open from all sides. So, when you wear them outdoors, all the dirt and germs get accumulated on your feet. And when you come back, you bring in all the dirt and germs with you into your house. This may cause various unhygienic diseases. So, either wash your feet when you comeback or instead of using flip flops outdoors wear something which covers your feet from all sides. Canvas loafers are the best option as because the don’t have the problems of shoelaces too. Don’t go for sandals or crocs because they look immature.

black and navy Blue canvas loafers

8. Distressed tees:

Distressed tees men

           Distressed tees looks worn out and shabby. This makes you look untidy and seems like you are using a cheap, torn and old tee. And you look highly unattractive. Instead, use simple and basic tees because they look both matured and classy.

9. Digital watches:

Digital watches for men

                Digital watches were the watches that we used during our school days, when we were kids. They look both funky and childish. As we all know, maturity comes with class. So, you should always wear matured oufits. Instead of digital watches, you should use those type of watches which have a classic design.

Classic watches for men black waterproof watch

                So, these were the style mistakes that most men make and should be kicked out in 2020.

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