Style Rules Every Guy Should Follow

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Style Rules Every Guy Should Follow:

                 There are certain rules for style and these rules are called style rules. In this article, we are going to discuss a few style rules that every guy should follow for being highly stylish and attractive. Also, watch the below video for a better understanding.

#1 Style rule:

two buttoned suit bottom button rule
three buttoned suit bottom button rule

Bottom Button Suit rule: This style rule says that when ever you wear a suit keep the bottom button of your suit unbuttoned. It doesn’t matter how much button you have in your suit. You may have a two buttoned suit or you may have a three buttoned suit.

#2 Style Rule:

tie width rule showing width of tie should be same as the width of collar lapel

Tie Width Rule: This style rule says that the width of your neck tie should always be same as that of your collar lapel. If the width of tie is more than the width of collar lapel then it will lead to deformity in collar when you wear the tie. If the width of your tie is less than your collar,then, your tie will look super thin and this will just destroy your look. 

#3 Style Rule:

brown tan dress shoes with leather shoes


Matching Your Leather Rule: This style rule enhances detailing in your outfit. According to this rule, whenever you wear leathers try to match your leather shoes with your leather belt. You should not only match the colors but also the material of both. 

#4 Style Rule:

glasses, bracelets, rings and watches for men

Knowing The Importance Accessories: This style rule is to give you an edgy look. You should know the importance of accessories. Accessories when wore correctly increases your attractiveness 10x times. So, you should always wear accessories. But don’t over accessorise yourself. Wearing too much of accessories will also destroys your look.

#5 Style Rule:

men tan brown dress shoes

Always wear nice shoes: You should always wear nice shoes. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to purchase branded shoes like Gucci, Reebok, Adidas, etc. You just need to have those shoes which look good and then take care of those shoes, so, that they lasts long. Always wear clean shoes and attractive shoes. A clean shoe have the tendency to make any outfit highly attractive. 

#6 Style Rule:

Stick to timeless clothing: Instead of getting super freaking crazy for trying new trends, take a break and think that what will be the effect of the new trend on your personality. Some trends can ruin your personality, whereas, some can build your personality. So, instead of going for trends, give priorities to timeless clothing. These are those types of clothings which have been in fashion since years and are still in fashion. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow trends. You should follow but smartly. Extract new ideas from new trends and combine with timeless clothing to create your own unique and attractive style

#7 Style Rule:

different body types of men

Get your all clothings tailored: When you purchase any clothing, you will find that these are not made particularly according to someone’s fit. They are made up of a size which fits maximum body types. But everyone is not having the same body type. Someone might be fatty, skinny, or slim. So, you should get your cloths tailored whenever you buy them. So, that it fits you perfectly and defines your body

#8 Style rules:

couples talking

Know the importance of relationships: If you want to keep your relationship healthy, then you should give importance to your relationships. Care for your loved ones. You might have a busy schedule but try to give time to your loved ones. Give space to your loved ones in your life.

#9 Style Rule:

Don’t care about society’s thinking: Don’t pay attention to other’s words. Taking suggestions from others is good but implement only those suggestions in your life which you find is beneficial for you. This is your life and you know it better than anyone else would. So, don’t give your life’s control in someone else’s hand who knows nothing about you.

              So, these were a few style rules that every guy should follow for being highly attractive and stylish.

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