Things That Women Notice About A Man

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Things That Women Notice About A Man:

                       Every man wants to be a chick magnet. We all want to get a positive response from our opposite gender. And our first impression matters a lot. Whenever we meet a woman we might not notice much about her but when women meet any man they notice a lot of things in him. And most of we men actually don’t know what women notice in a man. And this is the reason for the rejection of most guys. But don’t worry guys, today we are going to discuss 12 things that women notice about a man which you can control to leave a good impression on every woman.

1. Clothing: 


well dressed man

                 When a woman is looking at you or when you meet a woman, the first thing that she notices about you is your clothes. She notices the way you are dressed up. The way you dress up is the clear definition of your maturity level. Women hate guys with childish clothing. Moreover, they also hate guys in worn out and dirty clothes. So, always make sure that you wear clean and tidy clothes. You should always dress up in a matured manner. Don’t run behind trends. Always wear those type of clothing which gives you a matured appearance. Instead of wearing bright-colored clothing, you should always go for monochromatic clothing because they look more mature. Also, focus on the accessories and fit of your clothes. Don’t make silly style mistakes (

2. Face:

            When you are talking to a girl or when you are making any sort of eye contact then your face is also a thing that a girl notices about you. So, make sure that you take care of your face. You should have a neat and clean facial skin. If you are a bearded man then always make sure that your beard is well maintained. Don’t let your beard overgrow and look like a bush.

3. Shoes: 

dressy boots shoes


              You might be thinking “who notices shoes? or shoes doesn’t matter”. But my friend, women do notices your shoes. Scientifically, your shoes are considered as a reflection of your status. Your entire outfit reflects your personality and your shoes are a part of your outfit. A rugged worn out or shoes with holes put a bad impact on a woman’s mind. And that’s the reason why you should take care of your shoes. Moreover, the type and fit of your shoes also matter. So, make sure that your shoes should have the right fit. Women generally love those guys who look matured. This is why girls fall for those shoes which look dressier. 

4. Hand:


              Around 80% of the physical work we do with the help of our hands. And hence our hands are also a thing which is most noticed by others. Your hands tell others about the type of person you are in your personal life. If your hands are dirty or look unhygienic then the woman noticing your hand might immediately drive to the conclusion that you are an unhygienic man in your personal life. So, always keep your hands clean. You should also maintain your nails. If your hands are hairy then keep the hairs trimmed. Make sure that your hands don’t look like a gorilla’s hand. 

5. Conversation skills:

conversation of couples

               Women observe how you interact with others. They notice your behavior with others. Moreover, they also observe your ability to carry an interesting conversation. So, don’t show arrogant behavior toward others. Don’t bully others. Don’t use abusive or curse words. You should create an effective image of yours in the eyes of others and for doing so use your hand gestures to explain others while speaking and also make sure that you make effective eye contact while a conversation with others. 

6. Body odor: 

                       Your body odor or scent is also noticed by women. So, it becomes very necessary for men to use a good body deodorant. A bad body odor is hated by every woman because a bad body odor is considered as a sign that you don’t bath daily and which is a sign of an unhygienic guy. A bad body odor is not the actual odor of your body but this is the odor of your body which is developed due to the accumulation of sweat and dirt on your skin. So, we should bath daily to avoid bad body odor. And we should also use proper body deodorizer to avoid the bad body odor which is developed while doing our day to day work. 

7. Breath: 

                         When you are talking to a girl or going closer to her then your breath matters a lot. If you have stinky breath and you are in an attempt to approach a girl then throw this thought out of your mind because your stinky breath can be the biggest turn off for a woman ( So, you should brush properly and twice a day to avoid bad breath. Also, you should always carry a mouth freshener with you. Drink water every hour as when you drink water it washes and cleans the accumulated bacteria in your mouth.

8. Hairs: 

men hairstyles


man manscaping




Your hairs are also noticed by girls when you approach or talk to them. Your hairs mean not only your head hairs but also your facial as well as your body hairs. You should maintain your both facial as well as your body hairs. Make sure that you don’t look like a gorilla. You should have a hair care routine. You should know the meaning of manscaping. You should keep a manscaping routine. Have haircut in a period of every 3 weeks. 

9. Smile: 

having good smile


                    When it comes to your smile then it actually means the type of smile you are having whether it is a creepy one or a gentle one or like a villain. Cringy or creepy type of smile is never accepted. So, you should learn how to smile. You should always look into a mirror and smile at yourself and in this way, you will come to know about the actual smile that suits your face. And whenever you smile showing your teeth then you look more attractive and friendly. So, make sure that you have shiny white teeth.

10. How you keep your surroundings:

                          If you don’t keep your surroundings clean and living in a dirty environment then gentlemen you are an unhygienic man. And girls hate to be with an unhygienic man. So, always keep your surroundings clean. Your surroundings mean the places where you live, for example, your room, your car, your working place, your study room, etc.

11. Your body build:

good body build


                               Women notice your body build. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to be a bodybuilder and spend hours in the gym. You just need to have a healthy body structure. Women love fit guys. None of the women want fat, lazy or unhealthy guys. So, every one of us should focus on maintaining a healthy body structure. We should always eat healthily. We should not give value to quantity for food consumption. Rather, we should give value to nutrition and quality. Moreover, a healthy body structure provides you a good quality of life.  

12. Your Credit:

                            This doesn’t mean how much money you are earning or how much zeroes you have in your bank balance. Rather, it actually means how much self-dependent and stable you are and how smartly you make decisions in investing your money. If you are a guy who is dependent on others for his daily expenditures or wasting his money on stupid things then you should forget the thought of getting a woman in your life. 

                So, these were 12 things that women notice about a man and which you can control to be a better guy for a woman. 

               THANK YOU

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