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                       Watches are the most important component of our outfit. It is not just a tool for watching time. A watch is much more than that. Watch plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of our personality. A watch on your wrist enhances your attractiveness 10x times. A watch on your wrist makes you look sharp and bold if you wear it in the right way. So, here are basic watch rules that every guy should follow.

                       I personally don’t prefer using digital watches because they look childish and immature. Instead, I recommend using quartz watches for a classic look or a hybrid watch for a more casual look. But the entire attractiveness of a watch fails if you don’t wear it properly. Some watch rules must be followed for making a watch look attractive on your wrist. You might be unaware of following these rules. But if you don’t then you need to.

1. Should Choose Right Watches With The Right Outfit :

     Choosing the right watch for the right occasion is very important. One must cleverly decide his or her outfit. As you can’t wear football pants or boxer pants with a suit or you can’t wear a suit with jogging track pants and jogging shoes. Similarly, there are some restrictions on watches. You can’t wear a funky or a sporty watch with your formal outfit or a suit because it will make you look highly unattractive. You need to choose your watch according to your outfit.

2. Always Wear The Watch In The Hand You Are Comfortable  With :

                      Now the most common question that strikes our mind while wearing a watch is “Which is the appropriate hand to wear a watch?”. The answer is “The hand you are comfortable with”. You should wear a watch in such a way that you don’t face any trouble in doing your daily work. 

For example, I am righty so I prefer wearing a watch on my left hand because by doing so I feel comfortable while doing my daily work. And one of my friends is lefty so he prefers to wear a watch on his right hand because he is comfortable with a watch on his right hand.

So, the hand for a watch is not appropriately fixed. But comfort is very much important. Hence, you should always wear a watch on the hand you are comfortable with.

3. Avoid Watches With Big Dials :

                                  This rule is just like your clothing. As the size of your clothing should be as per your body size similarly size of your watch should be as per wrist size. A few years ago, there was a trend of wearing watches with massive dials. I am glad that the trend is dead now.

              If you are a guy with a thin wrist then a watch with a massive dial may make your wrist look thinner and your wrist may look like a twig making you look less masculine. I know you don’t want that to happen. So here is a size chart (in the adjoining figure) for you which will help you in choosing the right dial for your wrist size.

4. Wear A Watch Just Before The Wrist Bone :


This all about where your watch should actually be placed on your wrist. Your watch should not be placed after your wrist bone as it will limit the range of movement of your wrist. Neither your watch should be placed past before the wrist bone because it will make your arm look shorter. So, your watch should not be placed after your wrist bone neither it should be placed past before the wrist bone. Instead, it should be placed just immediately before the wrist bone so that you can be comfortable with your watch and look stylish too.

5. Choose The Right Fit :

                       This is just like the fit of your clothing. As for looking attractive, your clothes should have the perfect fit, similarly, your watch should also have the perfect fit for an attractive look. In all circumstances, the right fit matters a lot. You should make sure that your watch should not slip down your wrist and stay hanged on your hand because this will make you look clumsy. So to avoid such situations you need to make sure that your watch fits your wrist perfectly and stays immediately behind your wrist bone. 

So, these were few watch rules every guy should know. I hope you liked the article. if you did so then don’t forget to share it among your friends and put your questions in the comment section.

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